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Guess That Riddle With Answers


★ Guess That Riddle ! ★ Do you want your brain to work so quickly? Heat up it with riddles everyday!Do you like guessing riddles and playing logic quiz game? Can you guess these logic riddles?
★ Guess That Riddle With Answers ★ game is surprisingly simple and very addictive. Guess the right answer using available mixed letters.This is a quiz game where you have guess challenging riddles. Throughout the game youll be presented with a bunch of different level packs, each containing pictures of various interesting topics , Great for kids and adults and Its free! - For every riddle, you will have 12 or 14 mixed letters for candidate, and you will be shown the number of letters for answers. These are already the hints for you, so its easier than traditional riddles.There will be lots of levels for you to unlock if you answer enough logic riddles, so you can guess futher riddles without having to guess the current one like other riddle games. - This App have riddles in the following categories: brain teasers, Funny riddles, Logical riddles, Math riddles, Name The Object Or Person, riddles With Words.
Download this super fun educational app and youll never be bored.